Kind words and experiences from those who have visited Eden Hope.


"Eden Hope has what can only be described as goddess, feminine energy. Nestled along the banks of a river, protected by a mountain range and surrounded by rainforest, you feel like you’re at the end of the world, being held in the sacred womb of mother earth... Not having to be anywhere, do anything, answer to anyone, perform, push, show up or act in a certain way was a very special thing. I’ve come home to the essence of me – my bare foot-nature loving-tree hugging-dirty faced-sun kissed-tuned in-full of joy, creativity, space and lightness-hippy." – Alana Helbig

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I have been living at Eden Hope since August 2017, and am very grateful to be here. My family and I moved here to depart from the old way of thinking and being, to enter into a new way of relating with each other and Mother Earth. At Eden Hope we have been given the gift of a pristine river to both play in and drink from. It's hard to express the joy of being immersed in the healing waters of such a beautiful place. The sound of the river is always in the background, always flowing, always cleansing....If I had choose a favorite space at Eden Hope, the River would be my choice. Eden Hope is a place where you have a chance to be away from the many modern distractions, and focus on what really matters. I have been able to spend more time with my wife and children, and have an easier time diving deep into the realm of being. The connection with the infinite Self is ever available for all of us, at all times, but with less distractions I have found it easier to feel and be aware of this connection.

Love to All.

-Chi Om Shanti