Kathrine has been living and working at Eden Hope since 2007.  She is generally found diligently working in the gardens but also helps with many other aspects of daily life. She is an amazing cook, lovingly preparing delicious island food for anyone craving a filling meal. Loving and kind, her heart firmly holds Eden Hope and those who live here.



John has been living and working at Eden Hope since 2013.  He is a dedicated individual, committed to our building and infrastructure projects, as well as taking care of general maintenance. He is always smiling and ready to lend a helping hand with anyone needing assistance. A trustworthy friend to Eden Hope and all those who live here.


Devi and Rosie

Devi is the loving administrator and contact person for Eden Hope. She has a special interest in developing Eden Hope's philanthropy projects.

Rosie is the first baby to be born at Eden Hope. Her favourite fruits are banana and custard apple. Rosie's parents are Devi and Maitri.



Maitri loves to develop the Eden Hope projects, water, power and sustainable transportation. With the assistance of Lightship Trust, he is now helping to develop similar projects for people in need along the West Coast.



The Shanti family

The Shanti family arrived at Eden Hope from Northern California in August 2017. We are a family of five, with another child due to join us in October 2018.  The children are homeschooled and we try to spend time working in the gardens every day. We enjoy the simplicity of life at Eden Hope and look forward to sharing this experience with others who wish to shift their way of life.



Rain is a full-time dedicated caregiver, happily devoting the majority of her time to the children. She has had three unassited home births with another soul due to be born here at Eden Hope in October 2018.



Chi is a jack of all trades and happy to lend a hand wherever help is needed. He spends time working in the gardens and offering assistance with any project. He is a body worker and enjoys easing the physical pains of the community.



Rama is ten years old. He's currently very interested in Greek mythology and loves to play chess.



Durga is eight years old. She loves to spend time at the river and says the river is her good friend.



Lotus is two years old. She loves books and exploring the gardens of Eden Hope.