What our days look like

Rising with the sun for group or individual meditation. Throughout the morning, we work on community projects. At midday, we come together for a shared lunch and an offering of prayer before we eat. Afternoons and evenings are free to wander the gardens and forest, swim in the river, meditate, read, be creatively inspired or commune with each other.


What we eat

In fitting with our core values of ‘causing no harm’ and simple clean living, we follow a mainly raw, organic vegan diet rich in tropical fruits, nuts and vegetables; our water is pure, coming straight from mountain springs.

We also warmly welcome and support fruitarians, breatharians and those exploring pranic nutrition.

Our food is gathered from our own gardens as well as sourced from the local, organic markets in Tasmate and, where needed, from Luganville.

We respectfully refrain from any drugs, alcohol or stimulants, including coffee. On special occasions, we enjoy homemade raw chocolate.


Our gardens

Our gardens are vast and we always have an abundance of bananas, papaya and island cabbage. Seasonally, we have plenty of pineapple, too.

We have a variety of fruit trees including jackfruit, soursop, murkot, orange, custabal and avocado. These will take time to reach full maturity and many are not yet producing.

Pumpkins, cucumbers, bok choy, arugula, snake beans, asparagus beans, shashoot, spring onions, passionfruit, chilli and purslane also do well. 

Our garden space is also the home to two bee hives.


Our land

We live in a 886 hectare registered nature preserve along the edge of a pristine river that flows year round. The water here is some of the cleanest in the world and its purity can only be matched by the air we breathe.

There is a main path that connects all the buildings and ties into the garden and forest paths which are kept clear for walking through the rainforest. 

There is a small UTV path that connects us to the ocean and our nearest neighbouring village.

Life at Eden Hope River Vanuatu.jpg

Buildings and amenities

We have a total of 10 buildings made out of a local hardwood. Each building has electricity from a solar system, water from a mountain spring and metal roofing. 

There are seven houses of various sizes. Two large, family-sized octagonal houses, three smaller octagonal houses and two small cabins. All have outdoor showers, indoor composting toilets and nearby outhouses.

There is an outdoor pavilion and three outdoor kitchens equipped with rocket stoves for efficiency.

The administration building serves as our office, workshop, dispensary and sewing room. The office is where we access the internet via satellite connection on a community computer.

The dispensary has basic medical supplies such as band-aids and gauze, suture kits, an otoscope, colloidal silver, topical antibiotics and essential oils. We have a massage table, too.

The workshop is where our tools and hardware supplies are stored. There is ample space for working on a variety of projects if you feel inspired. The sewing room has a Brother sewing machine and basic sewing supplies.

There is a communal kitchen building that serves as a community gathering space and houses our library. The library has over 500 books covering a wide range of topics such as spiritual, philosophical, diet, wellness, fiction, historical, educational and children's books. There is also access to a vast digital library with over 30,000 books.

There is a newly completed sacred space that is intended to be used for group gatherings, meditation, yoga, sharing circles and as a classroom for the children of Eden Hope. It is equipped with media facilities for educational presentations.


Our lifestyle

Our main focus at Eden Hope is fostering a deeper connection with the self, nature and each other. We do this through a variety of modalities and practices including meditation, yoga, cacao and fire ceremonies, heart-centered communication, group sharing circles, massage and fasting.


Who can stay

Our decision to welcome new members into our community is ultimately determined through heart resonance. It is about having a deeper calling to live in conscious, loving communion with yourself, others and the natural world.

Please reach out to us. Email us at edenhopefoundation@gmail.com or fill out the contact form here.