Eden Hope is a unique ‘experiment’ bringing together an enlightened community of dedicated individuals committed to living in harmony with each other and this sacred land.


Established in 2010 by Ruth and Steve Quinto, Eden Hope is nestled in the remote, upper reaches of the Pelapa River on the pristine West Coast of Espiritu Santo, Vanuatu within the Eden Hope Nature Preserve – almost 800 hectares of diverse fluvial, dark bush habitat. 

We are a nature-based school in a pristine rainforest; an environmental laboratory for research and learning that encompasses all aspects of life – practical as well as spiritual.

We are families, couples, individuals and friends celebrating the abundance of mother earth and re-learning our ultimate connection with the Divine and the natural world.


Our Mission


The sole purpose of Eden Hope is to provide a safe space for individuals to find a greater harmony with nature. Through exploring how we relate with nature and each other, we rediscover our harmony with the whole universe. Our collective aim is to flourish and thrive as human beings, as we co-create an uplifting energetic space in which to raise our children to their highest potential.


Our Core Values


Simple, clean and balanced living

True ecological self-sufficiency begins in your body. The less you need, the more you have. When human beings require fewer resources to live a good, happy, simple way of life, their needs are less. This brings a greater harmony with the Whole, and less conflict with each other. It also requires less resources and time output, creating space for a more balanced way of life. At Eden Hope, we encourage conscious consumption through identifying our essentials, living a minimal existence and trusting in the abundance of our sacred land to provide everything we need.


Unconditional Love

Loving in a way that is supportive and compassionate is a key element of Eden Hope. All lower vibration emotions can be transmuted by the quality of unconditional love. Regardless of what an individual may do or say, or what they are going through, unconditional love can assist in releasing that which is holding them in bondage. Unconditional love combined with gratitude and faith is a potent medicine for connection with Self. Anger, fear, jealousy, greed, depression and hate can all be overcome by unconditional love. It is the way of the masters. It is the way of the light.


Cause no harm

Our land and all the creatures residing here are a gift from God that we care for and nurture. Our gardens are prepared and tended under the premise of ‘permaculture’, ensuring minimal disturbance and harm to the land and environment, while also bringing forth an abundance of fruit and vegetables to feed and nourish our community. We live to not cause any harm to this sacred world around us and, in doing so, we follow a mainly raw, organic vegan diet.


Heart-centred Sharing

Eden Hope is a place to let go of the egoic sense of self and connect with each other from deep within our hearts. We always communicate from a place of love and truth, opening our hearts to share and opening our hearts to listen. 



As we embrace our naturally abundant state, we feel inspired to pass this forward and give back through local projects. Edenhope Foundation is a registered philanthropic organisation dedicated to supporting the remote rural communities of West Coast Santo in projects that enhance education, environment, and livelihoods. Learn more about our projects here.