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A Little Story

Once long ago people came down from the North.  they navigated our rivers in long boats, and shared many wisdoms with the peoples of this Turtle Island.  They rekindled our memory of the First Days when we came up from beneath the Earth, and walked in this land when it was made anew, after the last destruction. In those days we walked with those who came from the stars, and shared in the enjoyment of the wonderment of this place. The women and the children laughed and sang songs, they did not live in fear.  Our Warriors and Elders were honored and respected by the young ones.

The Animals took us in and shared with us their world.  The Bear, The Elk, the Moose, The Wolf, The Eagle The Buffalo, the Cougar, The Salmon, the Whales and the Dolphins. The standing People, and the Elementals. They all agreed that we could stay.  We made a promise that if they let us stay, we would help them take care of this place. Which is why we are known as the Earth Keepers.


This is the fourth world and we are about to enter the fifth, it is said that some are even entering a sixth world. That is how old this Earth is, and how long we have been here.  Grandfather promised us long ago that those who remembered the original teachings, and remained of one heart,  will see this emergence of the new world in our lifetime… In fact if we pay attention some of us who are ready to make the journey will take notice that the new dream is already here…

Before we go we have to set things right…  We must pay back to the account of man.  We must relearn to live as human beings , caretakers of this place, and hopefully teach those who are not as far along the path as we are by example.  We must recreate the Great Peace so they will have something to strive for as the old dream fades… there is no end time, only a new beginning time ahead for all…. Soon we will see the Pale prophet as he promised, very soon… and we will know the meaning of Walking in Balance, as we reunite with Father Sky and Mother Earth

Owále piki’la, Wakan Tanka, ni’ci’ un

Shunkmanitu Tanka Wanagi Wahai Wiacasa

Grandfather Ghost Wolf

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